The Issues

1. At-Large Involvement - As an out of state At-Large member, my main interest is to get the almost 70 percent of our Nation that lives outside of the districts more involved. I have been surprised by the amount of ways we can stay involved and have enjoyed spreading the word to others. Either the amount and type of healthcare, education supplements and cultural items, all Citizens of the Nation can become more aware of what is available.

2. Fiscal Responsibility - I'm not coming into the position of Tribal Council saying that we have a problem, I just want to add my expertise at utilizing large amounts of revenue and spend in a prudent manner. I have run an Engineering and Environments Services firm for a quarter century and grown it to one of the largest in our area. I have overseen budgets for School of the Osage, as a board member and my families church as an Elder and member of the board. For the State of Missouri, that has a 27 billion dollar budget, I have been the Vice Chairman of Appropriations for the House of Representatives. I am proud that we have had a balanced budget every year I have been in office.

3. Protection of our Tribal Sovereignty - many citizens are concerned that under the new administration at the Federal level may undermine or threaten our sovereignty. Through my experience with State and Federal governments, I am well placed to protect our Nation. I believe we can expand our influence, rather than lose anything. I am currently involved with several national legislative associations and they have shown a great deal of excitement when I mentioned the Cherokee Nation becoming involved.

4. Our Environment - We have a fantastic Natural Resources division at the Cherokee Nation, but my experience as an Environmental Engineer and past Chairman of the Energy and Environment Committee at the House of Representatives will help protect our Nation. The Earth, Air and Water have been my responsibility to protect for my entire career.

5. Expansion of Energy - With the wind lease and other new and old energy products available to be utilized by the Nation, my experience as the Current Utilities Chairman of the House of Representatives would be beneficial to all Citizens. I am also a member of the boards for Southern States Energy Board and the Energy and Environment Committee for the Southern States Legislative Council. I would be proud to represent the Cherokee Nation in these areas.

6. Health and Senior Services it is critical that At-Large citizens have easier access to our health care system. With the advent of tele-health and other technology advances in health care, the Cherokee Nation can make more benefits available to all of our Citizens. This and other benefits should be explored to see how we can make them open to our At-Large Citizens.



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