The Issues

1. Education – many talk about supporting education, but I have walked the walk for many years and continue to do so.  I was President of the School of the Osage School Board for many years and the teachers there were some of the best paid in the State of Missouri.  Many times I was told that it was “Teacher Heaven”.  I had friends and family that are or were teachers.  I was a Director of the Missouri School Board Association and help write a report on what amount of funding is necessary to educate a child.  Many educational groups provided input to come up with this number.  This adequacy number, although brought up to date, is used today to fund our schools.  I helped found the Osage Youth Athletic Council.  I was past President of the Eldon-Osage Soccer Association and was coach for many different teams in many sports.  I am a proud local graduate and am very familiar with the needs of our educational system. 

2. Local Issues – my family goes back many generations in this area.  However, that does not mean much if you don’t act on what is needed in this area.  I believe I have done that.  Prior to my service as your State Representative, I worked hard to reform tax, education and environmental issues in the area.  I volunteered for my church and held multiple leadership positions, including Elder.  I also was a volunteer coach/mentor for many children and eventually ended up running many youth leagues.  As a State Representative, I ended the unfair treatment that the Lake of the Ozarks was facing at the State level.  In addition, I was able to bring a 3rd Circuit Judge to the 26th circuit.  This had been attempted for almost 50 years and had resulted in a horrible backlog in cases.  The justice system was broken.  With help of many, we were able to finally get approval for this needed piece of our court infrastructure.  In addition, I and Legislative Assistant Holly, have helped many navigate the complex system of the State.  From licenses to getting your taxes, we have helped.  Those times are probably my favorite

3. Utility Issues – spending my entire Representative career to this point on the Utility Committee and now serving as the Chairman of that Committee.  I have dedicated my career to lowering our rates and improving our infrastructure.  This year was very productive for reforming the 90 plus year old system that has lead to rates that were increasing at a rate four times faster than the national average.  When I was growing up we had some of the lowest utility rates in the nation, unfortunately that is no longer the case.  We have passed legislation to modernize our rate structure, which has resulted in a moderation of rates in other states and incentivized our utilities to improve the grid beyond what is just needed, to what will make us a leader in infrastructure improvement.  Improving this part of our economy will help Missouri thrive and I am proud that I have been a part of it.

4. Environmental Issues – Even prior to my first session in the House, I was striving to remove the yoke of unnecessary environmental regulations from the backs of my clients and fellow citizens.  As your Representative, I have sponsored and passed regulation to bring common sense back to the regulations affecting us all.  We are no longer punished with untrue reporting of bogus e-coli numbers from the State.  The State now utilizes a safe method that is still one of the strictest in the nation, but it is founded in common sense.  In addition, we no longer must except new regulations from the EPA, Missouri must prove that they make sense economically and environmentally before enacting these burdensome regulations.  A true Show Me law.  I have dedicated to getting the government out of our way so that we can make a living and will continue to do so.

5. Tax and Court Reform – I have voted to lower your taxes many times and fought against unnecessary taxes.  For the first time in over 90 years we have lowered your income taxes and have lowered corporate taxes also, all while keeping a balance budget.  Missouri is unfortunately known as the “Sue Me” State.  We have too many unfair lawsuits that hurt us all.  I have worked to turn back this situation and we have made progress, but the fight needs to continue. 

6. Social Issues – I am pro-life and pro-second amendment.  I have a 100% voting record on right to life issues and have carried legislation to bring common sense to regulations involving abortions.  I am a member of the NRA and am endorsed by them.  I am an avid hunter and gun collector.  I believe we don’t have a gun problem, we have mental health issue and we need to work solving that problem and stop worrying about the tool used to commit these horrible crimes.  Enforce our existing laws and bring help to those that need it. 



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